Online Symposium

Street markets as spaces of encounter, laboratories of social creativity and alternative pathways of eco-socially sustainable prosperity?

A comparative, transnational and transcultural approach
Symposium co-organised by Prof Maurizio Marinelli (University of Sussex, Sussex Asia Centre) and Dr Yimin Zhao (Department of Urban Planning and Management, Renmin University of China), 22 June 2020

The Symposium started at 9:00 am on zoom with music and virtual coffee/tea Opening remarks [9:15-9:30]
Maurizio Marinelli (Sussex) and Yimin Zhao (RUC)


PANEL 1 [9:30 – 11:00]

The Contemporary Transformation of Market cities and Marketplaces in Asia

Magnus Marsden, Professor of Social Anthropology and Director of the Asia Centre, School of Global Studies, University of Sussex
“Inherent Impermanence: International Traders in Yiwu, a Chinese International Trade City.”

Aravind Unni, PhD, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai & Thematic Lead, Urban

Poverty Reduction, Indo Global Social Service Society

“’Smart’ City: The case of the Smart City Mission and Street Vendors’ Rights in New Delhi”

Peter Von Staden, Associate Professor Economics and CSR, Director of DBA Programme, Kedge Business School, Marseille (France)

“Dispatches from the Field: Developments among Indonesia's Street Vendors”

Ke Xucan, Department of Urban Planning and Management, School of Public Administration and Policy, Renmin University of China
“Urban governance and the alienation of the everyday space: A study of food markets in Beijing (1996-2019)”


Short break, chat/conversation on first panel’s content, and a little bit of music if time allows.

PANEL 2 [11:30 – 12:30]

The Transformation of the Encounter: The Livelihood in Markets and Soup kitchens

Elaine Swan, Senior Lecturer in Human Resources and Organisational Behavior, University of Sussex Business School

“Queues as embodied inter-racial encounters in festivalised markets: Bankstown Bites in Sydney”

Imogen Bellowood-Howard, Research Fellow, Institute for Development Studies, University of Sussex
“Materiality, ecology and reciprocity in informal urban vegetable markets in northern Ghana”

Naaz Rashid, Lecturer in Media and Cultural Studies, University of Sussex “Quarantine Supper Clubbing”

Lunch break (12:30-1:30 PM) chat/conversation on the second panel, and a little bit of music if time allows.

PANEL 3 [1:30 – 2:30 PM]

A Special Focus on London Markets: The Past and the Present

Victoria Kelley, Director of Research and Education; Professor of the History of Design and

Material Culture, University for the Creative Arts (Canterbury, Epsom, Farnham and

Rochester), “From Middlesex Street to Petticoat Lane: London's street markets and the

informal economy in history”


Andrea Rasca, Founder and Executive Dreamer at Mercato Metropolitano, “Mending our Cities through Sustainable Community Markets”

Deborah Carpenter, Market Development Manager, Place Management Supporting

Communities, London Borough of Camden, “Street vendors and Community initiatives in Camden, London”

Short break, chat/conversation on third panel’s content, and a little bit of music if time allows.

Professor Alfonso Morales [3:00 PM UK time = 9:00 AM US time]

Department of Planning and Landscape Architecture and State Extension Specialist - Food

Systems and Marketplaces, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Title: "The Market as the Intersection of Economic, Social and Political Process"


PANEL 4 [4:00-5:00 PM]

Public space, Markets and Makerspaces as spaces of encounter

Layton Reid, Associate Dean, Architecture at University of East London. “The Redesign of Public Space and social sensibility in the post-Covid 19 era”

Lam Busayawan, Senior Lecturer and the Director of Teaching and Learning at Design Department, with Sophia de Sousa, Chief Executive at The Glass-House Community  Led Design, "Community-based makerspaces as spaces of encounter"

Alexandros Daniilidis, MSc Architectural Engineering, PhD candidate, Cultural Studies DT for Culture & Society | Theory Taste Trash, School of Media, Film and Music University of Sussex “Voices from the Agora: Multicultural Textuality and Social Representation”

Chat/conversation on third panel’s content.

Concluding remarks [5:15 to 5:45 PM]
Maurizio Marinelli, Yimin Zhao, and all the other contributors.